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  • ゲストのチェックイン・アウト対応、館内清掃、ベッドメイク、ゲストの朝食準備

  • アルバイト代の支給はありませんが期間中はドミトリールームに無償で滞在していただけます

  • ヘルパーをしながら他のアルバイトを掛持ちすることも可能です(紹介できます)​

  • ​10:00〜22:00の間、3時間程度


"Wanted!!" We are looking for a helper(volunteer)!! Our guesthouse is the unique and friendly guesthouse in Japan's first national park.

The first guest house in Unzen was opened in October 2016!

Locating in the center of the Unzen hot spring street, the nearby sightseeing spot 'Unzen Jigoku' (Unzen hell) can be seen from the guest house, and the hot spring can be reached in roughly 2 minutes by walking.

We are looking for someone who can assist our guests during their stay(friendly chat and smile), help out in our fun events(not essential) and some housekeeping duties like tidying up the guestrooms. Helping hours is a total of 4-5 hours per day, 2 days off per week.

Our guests will stay on a bunk bed in a 10 people dormitory room. You can enjoy meeting lots of people of different culture and languages.

No previous experience needed, and Japanese-speaking is a little compulsory requirement.

This is not a paid position, but we can provide you the accommodation, meal(Lunch&Dinner) and the great experience in Japan.

On the first floor, the area will be a cafe during the day time and a bar during the night time. This is a perfect place for small group of travelers and business traveller. Please enjoy the place and share your story with locals and travelers. The bunk beds are separated by walls and there is curtain to provide you private space when you need it. In the center of Unzen hot spring, the sightseeing spot 'Unzen Jigoku' (Unzen hell) can be seen from our guest house. Here is a great place for sightseeing. The bus stop in front of our guest house makes traveling to other places easy.


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